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Allie photographed our wedding and managed to get amazing pictures even while we were stuck in the rain. Totally professional and the finished product was more amazing than I ever expected. Give her all your money!


Simply amazing! Great prices for top knotch photography skills. Couldn't ask for a better photographer. A++++++++. Will most likely be flying Allie to Nebraska for the wedding if she accepts!


For our wedding we wanted a photographer who had the ability to capture all our small idiosyncrasies and quirks and all the small moments--laughter, quick hugs, and small kisses when we let our guards down. We aren't the most photogenic couple and become easily uncomfortable when asked to pose for the camera. From the moment we met Allie, she made us feel the complete opposite--she was patient, understanding, she listened to what we as a couple had in mind for our engagement and wedding pictures and she followed through 100%. She has a gift and a keen eye for noticing and capitalizing on what makes couples comfortable and how they best operate in front of the camera. By doing so, she is able to take beautiful and natural pictures. Our pictures came out better than we could have ever imagined.


When you meet someone who has a gift and they share it with you, it makes your life shine a little brighter.  We had such a great experience with Allie Skylar photography.  She has an ease about her that not only makes everyone feel comfortable but also makes it possible to capture true, authentic, emotion-filled photographs.


Allie is obviously a talented photographer, but what you may not be able to see through FB is her kind heart and way with kids!  We just had a family session with her, and she was like a second Mom.  Because of this, our photos are wonderful!  And her prices are very reasonable for the quality!  We were so impressed by just the "first glance", that we already scheduled another shoot with her!  This is something I think every family needs to do.  Photos hold memories that last forever.  What a neat thing my children will have to pass down and show their families!


Allie is truly amazing!  She has such a gift with photography and is such a sweet person. She captures every special moment flawlessly.  If you are looking for a photographer, especially for your wedding, look no further.  Hiring Allie was the best decision we could have made!


Allie has a creative eye, a loving heart, and a brilliant mind.  All these traits shine through in her beautiful photographs.  She not only is an amazing photographer, but becomes an instant friend.  It is obvious that she cares deeply about providing lasting memories and also about every person she meets.  I am long overdue in writing this recommendation... but everyone should hire Allie Skylar Photography.  That is if they want a sweet, caring, committed, and talented photographer who will provide exceptional services, capturing your memories for a lifetime.


It goes beyond having a great eye or the ability to make something a bit more special through editing.  Allison makes you feel like you've known her for years and today is that day she makes you and your loved one genuinely laugh while she captures it.  She's beyond kind, forever inspired, and so very professional.  You won't regret hiring her and having faith in her and her work becomes effortless!


Allie is the BEST photographer ever!  She was so helpful from the beginning of the process through the end.  Future brides- you are missing out if you don't hire this girl!  At our initial meeting, she gave us a rundown of what she does, talked us through the contract, gave us many options, and showed us as many examples of her work as we wanted to see.  Photography is definitley what Allie was meant to do.  i could tell by looking at her work that she had the photography style I was looking for.  Allie also drew up a custom package for us based on our needs. The price was beyond reasonable for all that she was giving us (including the reproduction rights to our photos and a second photographer at our wedding). And if you don't think you need two photographers for a wedding, you're wrong!... Her second photographer was so good I couldn't tell who took the shot! Another thing worth mentioning: My husband and I never had our picture taken professionally, so we were worried about posing for shots and the pictures turning out awkward. With Allie's directions, we looked like we were just having fun and being cute with each other. Nothing looked overly posed or unnatural. The best part was that Allie had some of our engagement shots up on Facebook that night and they were amazing! We were so excited about her doing our wedding from that night on. We just got our wedding pictures back and they are incredible. 719 photos from the wedding and there's not a bad one in the bunch! I highly recommend Allie Skylar Photography. If I could do this all over again, I would still choose Allie! -Sarah Palermo 

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